Friday, November 18, 2011

A seat at the round table.


The Marker Duke, Baron, Tour F12 and the new Jester Pro look like one big happy family.  

The Jester Pro has several added features that make it the ultimate binding for the competitive freeskier. With an 18 DIN range, The Jester Pro is burly enough to take the biggest hits you can stomp. The toe features a horizontal torsion bar reinforcement, enhancing the power transmission and lateral precision. The Jester Pro's AFD is fixed, which increases both retention and power transmission. 

If you shred harder than your bros, you need to be on the Jester Pro.

 “The Jester Pro is exactly what the professional freeskiing community has been waiting for. This binding has the weight and specifications that meet the needs of skiers on supremely challenging and diverse mountain terrain.This binding can handle it all,” said freeskier Dash Longe. “The last thing I ever want to worry about is losing a ski. With the Jester Pro, I don’t.”

The Jester Pro has quickly proven itself on the competition circuit, with some impressive results:

Russ Henshaw, Silver Medal – X Games Slopestyle, January 29, 2011
JF Houle, Gold Medal – Euro X Games, March 17, 2011
Nick Goepper, Winner – Dumont Cup, March 26, 2011

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