Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Skiing + Beer = Winning

What is gelande quaffing you ask? Years ago in Jackson Hole, a few members of the legendary Jackson Hole Air Force were having a some beers at the Bear Claw (now Village Cafe) while waiting out a storm. The story goes that the bartender slid a full mug of beer down the bar to his buddy, who wasn't paying attention, and someone instinctively caught it before it hit the ground and chugged the beer. A new mountain sport was born.

 Make sure to watch until the end for the freestyle round.

1. Four person teams.
2. One minute for first three rounds, finals are two minutes.
3. Quaffer must be 2 feet from the edge of the bar.
4. Must rotate pitcher and quaffer every pitch.
5. You CANNOT pitch until beer is down and mug touches the bar.
6. You must quaff the beer, not wear it.
7. No puking. Puking results in immediate team disqualification.
8. In the event of a tie, each team will choose one quaffer and one pitcher, and the team with the fastest Gelande Quaff wins.

Round 1: 1 point regular catch, 2 points handle catch.

Round 2: The quaffer must do a 360 between leaving the pitchers hand and the quaffer’s catch. 1 point regular catch, 2 points handle catch.

Round 3: The quaffer must to a 360 OR under the leg catch. 1 point regular catch, 2 points handle catch.

Finals: (2 minutes) each must complete 1 catch of the following: handle catch, 360 catch, and under the leg catch. After the 3 required catches, its time to freestyle. 0 points regular catch, 1 point handle catch, 2 points 360 handle catch, 2 points under the leg, 0-5 points for each freestyle catch (at judges discretion).